keyboard setup

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keyboard setup

Postby golfer » 18 Nov 2014 11:42

Hi keyboard players
I have looked through most parts of the forum to find if anyone has ever posted their setting for EFFECT, EQ and CMP in the tyros 4 it would help players like myself hope this is not asking to much
Many thanks Bill
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Re: keyboard setup

Postby Mike Bracchi » 18 Nov 2014 13:03

Hiya Bill,

The EQ setting on a keyboard is a very subjective, individual thing and is greatly affected by the users ears, the listening environment, and the equipment involved .... so it's hard to give definitive settings on something like this because we are all hearing it differently :)

But having said that, here are a few settings to try and get you started - you can always 'tweak' them to your liking if necessary :wink:


Band 1 Q=0.7 G=+10db F=80hz
Band 2 Q=0.7 G=-7db F=315hz
Band 5 Q=0.5 G=+7db F=11Khz

Band 1 Q=12 G=_10db F=32hz
Band 2 Q=12 G=-7db F=225hz
Band 3 Q=0.4 G=-6db F=450hz
Band 5 Q=0.5 G=+2db F=7khz

Band 1 Q=12 G=-7db F=32hz
Band 3 Q=0.7 G=-6db F=355hz
Band 4 Q=0.7 G=+2db F=8khz
Band 5 Q=12 G=-5db F=12khz

Band 2 Q=0.7 G=-5db F=250hz
Band 3 Q=0.7 G=-5db F=500hz

Have fun :wink:

All the best .....

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Mike Bracchi
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Re: keyboard setup

Postby golfer » 18 Nov 2014 14:18

Hi Mike
Thank you for the settings and I understand what you saying but if you have to start from scratch it's quite hard and hope we can learn from better players Many thanks BILL
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Re: EQ keyboard setup

Postby JohnS » 01 May 2015 02:29

Hi Bill and Mike,
While searching for information on EQ settings for the Tyros 4 I came across your thread starting Tue Nov 18, 2014 on keyboard setup. Also through my search I found a YouTube video that you and other may wish to bookmark for a reference. To me it was very informative. That said, I also agree with Mike that there various factors to consider involved with these settings, including personal hearing limitations such as I have.

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