Tutorial on connecting I Pad to Tyros

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Tutorial on connecting I Pad to Tyros

Postby roconi » 05 May 2012 03:11

Hi Members,

Attached are two tutorials describing how to make connections of an I Pad to the Tyros. I have chosen the Alesis I Dock to make the connections because it offers the most flexibility.
The tutorials are at the folowing addresses-

Tutorial 1)---

Tutorial 2)---


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Re: tutorial on conecting I Pad to Tyros-

Postby Ray2 » 06 Nov 2013 15:24

Hi Rocco. I own an Alesis and an Ipad but haven't a clue how they marry up. After seeing your tutorials
I was wondering if there was any literature on how it all works. You know ,like a "Dummies" how to book. I reckon I was born too soon for all this technology.
Your tutorials are excellent. Cheers, Ray2
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