Alice Blue Gown

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Alice Blue Gown

Postby DonW » 27 Jan 2018 22:10

For those of you who enjoy organ music, here's Alice Blue Gown.
The hit song "Alice Blue Gown" premiered in Harry Tierney's 1919 Broadway musical Irene.
The musical was made into a film in 1940 starring Anna Neagle and Ray Milland.
Regards, Don
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Re: Alice Blue Gown

Postby JohnT » 28 Jan 2018 11:26

Hi Don. Liked my Sunday morning listen. The organ went well and nearly got up to dance but I had done enough last night. John
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Re: Alice Blue Gown

Postby Brian007 » 28 Jan 2018 13:14

Hi Don,

That was a very nice performance of that tune, the organ sounded great and very well played too

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Re: Alice Blue Gown

Postby Hugh-AR » 28 Jan 2018 19:58


Something different to have an organ played 'as an organ'. Enjoyed listening to it.

What always fascinates me about music is the way different people can play different interpretations of the same song. Here is a version of Alice Blue Gown played/arranged by Chet Atkins.

It's all about the music. Yamaha AR 80 Player.
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