The way to get a superb recording for a CD

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The way to get a superb recording for a CD

Postby dentyr » 28 Aug 2019 08:55

There are many ways to present a recording of your chosen song. This is relevant to Tyros and PSR, maybe Korg keyboards.

    1. Record the song straight to a wav file, then write it to CD. This is how it will be when someone asks you to play a song that you have recorded. No tricks.

    2. Record the song to Midi. In this way you can correct minor faults, record it at a slower tempo and then, when making the wav file you can up the tempo to what it should be. Cha-cha, Mambo and Samba are my typical examples of this.

    3. Make a “One-step-recording”. This will give a perfect recording of the song but it is often not possible to replicate this live.

To make a One-Step Recording you select your style and then set up the OTS voices. (Save that setting)

Now start with the style (Accompaniment) but it has to be an on-board style. Does not work with a third party style.

Set the split point way up the keyboard so that you can play ALL the written chords with both hands. Example Ebm7#9/G etc. Setting the fingering to “Fingered on Bass” can also help. The variation buttons and OTS can also be controlled from here.

Once you have set the keyboard with the style then go into the One-Step-Record via Song creator and in the Chord section type in ALL the chords. This will need specific instructions which are too many to type in here.

When you have all the chords in place you make a Midi file of that. The keyboard will do this for you.

Reset the keyboard split point to F2#, make sure the OTS link is on and you are ready to go.

Now when you run the Midi file you will see the style part start, then the OTS will step through as you have set it and you play the RIGHT hand only. IF you are good you may be able to play both hands but be warned, this can create a cacophony of noise.

Once you have recorded channels 1,2,&4 then using the Midi again you build up channels 5,6. 7,8.

A very long procedure but you have a “Perfect” recording for your CD.

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