Recording my performance

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Recording my performance

Postby Andrew » 09 Sep 2020 19:31

Is it acceptable for me to record my performance on my tablet?
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Re: Recording my performance

Postby Rev Tony Newnham » 10 Sep 2020 08:12

No reason why not. Try it & see. The limitation may well be the quality of the microphone (unless you're using an external audio adapter).

I've done a couple of recordings on my old iPad when that was all I had around at the time.

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Re: Recording my performance

Postby Hugh-AR » 10 Sep 2020 10:11

Hi Andrew,

We are spoilt with our modern keyboards as we can record to .WAV at just the press of a button. But older organs are a different matter. At least with my Yamaha AR80 organ I could record to a floppy disk, and then play that back through the organ so the organ would play it back to me. This would leave me with two hands free to make a recording. I'm sure you can do that with your Roland Atelier organ too.

I can't see any reason why you can't make a recording using the mic on your iPad. People make Video Recording of themselves playing using iPhones and put them up on YouTube. They seems to come out all right.

Give it a try with your iPad and see if you are happy with how it turns out.

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