Rhythm Of The Rain .. Tyros 5

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Rhythm Of The Rain .. Tyros 5

Postby Hugh-AR » 20 May 2017 23:51

We all enjoy listening to a piece of music when it has been superbly put together and played beautifully, particularly when it's played on a keyboard or an organ. I just love the 'soft' saxophone in this piece, and the piano which contributes so much to the overall sound.

Rhythm Of The Rain .. Tyros 5 .. Brian Dawson

Hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I have.

This is also a good example of what I was talking to Ken about in the Challenge Board (Music from Operas) re: keyboard players being able to add that little bit extra into their music by doing it afterwards with 'multi-tracking'. Ken and I (both having organs) have to 'add that little bit extra' by playing the upper manual and the lower manual at the same time.


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