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Postby Peter S » 26 Jul 2017 00:32

The song 'Crazy' was a massive club and chart hit for a guy called Gnarls Barkley (not the Patsy Cline song) in 2006. It's a catchy tune, and a great modern dance record...I liked it straight away.

The version here is much slower, and has a lovely Latin acoustic 'Bachata' style to it.
I have a 'Bachata' style in the Korg PA4 which is perfect, I also now have the sheet music so,
this song is work in progress for me. I hope to record it and put it in the Latin challenge section here
If I can make a good job of it!

The video is quite erm... exciting too!!

Seriously, I love watching them dance (I am secretly in love too with Christina, the female dancer here!)
and the song is just lovely.

Keep the music playing!
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