Fly Me To The Moon played by Salem Dhiab

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Fly Me To The Moon played by Salem Dhiab

Postby Hugh-AR » 04 Oct 2017 19:20

I have been watching Brian's video "Sealed with a Kiss" on the Challenge Board .. but via YouTube so I could see the comments. One of Brian's 'followers' is Salem Dhiab so I thought I would check out what sort of music Salem played. And came across this, a video by Salem with his daughter Mandy singing. It's really beautiful, with a great backing arrangement by Salem. Lovely bit of harmony on the vocals too. It really struck a chord with me (if you'll pardon the expression) so I am putting it up here.

Fly Me To The Moon

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Re: Fly Me To The Moon played by Salem Dhiab

Postby Brian007 » 04 Oct 2017 19:33

Hi Hugh,

Mohamed and his daughter have produced some great tracks and Mohamed has also made some great instrumental tracks in his own right

Brianoo7 :D :D
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