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The Chromatic "B-griff" keyboard

PostPosted: 29 Dec 2017 17:38
by Hugh-AR
Fred has introduced us to the Chromatic "B-griff" keyboard in a posting he has put up here:

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I Can't Stop Loving You, played by by Paul Huybrechts. If you haven't already heard it, then go and listen to it! I had never heard of a Chromatic "B-griff" keyboard before, but this recording has completely blown me away. Thanks Fred for posting it! You've made my day!

I had come to the conclusion that the set-up of buttons must be from the Chromatic Piano Accordion, but as I have never played one (only a Piano Accordion) I had no idea how the notes were made up. I have come across this YouTube video explaining how the "B-griff" keyboard buttons are made up from the notes on a piano.

The whole idea of having the buttons in this arrangement is so that you can get all the black and white piano notes to fit into about half the space required for a piano. Although I have noticed that the Tyros 4 "B-griff" doesn't have any 'black' buttons, so all sharps and flats look the same as the 'white' notes.

This has answered one question for me. The top two rows of buttons are the same as the bottom two rows of buttons, so that is why those other white buttons go down at the same time as the ones he is pressing. And the reason for this is is to make the 'fingering' easier as you can press a higher button or a lower button to make the note sound.

Here are some more videos showing the chromatic "B-griff" keyboard being played. If a message comes up, click on the LINK to watch the video on YouTube itself (the owner doesn't want us to watch as an 'embedded' video).

I suppose that Yamaha must make the Tyros 4 with a "B-griff" keyboard as well as the "Piano" keyboard? Maybe for the German and Swiss market?


Re: The Chromatic "B-griff" keyboard

PostPosted: 18 Jan 2018 09:24
by Hugh-AR
There is a topic on the 'Piano Accordion' here:

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