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PostPosted: 13 Dec 2017 01:38
by ChuckH
According to Wikipedia, Meditation is a symphonic intermezzo from the opera Thaïs by French composer Jules Massenet. The opera premiered in Paris on March 16, 1894. The piece is written for solo violin and orchestra.
I love playing this very moving piece but I find it technically quite challenging to reproduce a good solo violin sound.

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PostPosted: 13 Dec 2017 11:52
Found quality of playing, interpretation and registration outstanding.
The left hand HARP arpeggios and right hand VIOLIN solos, harmony and chorus well suited to the piece.

Thank you

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PostPosted: 13 Dec 2017 17:01
by kens
Hi Chuck

That was Brill. Particularly liked use of expression pedal Those slow pieces are often more difficult than fast pieces. Prompts me to submit something from Bruch.
regards Ken

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PostPosted: 03 Jan 2018 13:26
by Hugh-AR
Hi Charles,

Just beautiful! You always play your classical pieces with such feeling. They are a pleasure to listen to.


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PostPosted: 24 Jan 2018 19:36
by JohnT
Hi Charles. Very pleasant so relaxing to listen to. You certainly captured the mood of the tune. John

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PostPosted: 05 Feb 2018 22:16
by torben
Outstanding job. Bravo! :D

Kind greetings


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PostPosted: 06 Feb 2018 08:58
by Brian007
Hi Charles,

Cant understand how i missed this first time around, a very relaxing and easy to listen to piece
You certainly captured the feel and atmosphere of the song,