Vocal Performances - Comments

Any 'Performances' with Vocals, please post here.

Vocal Performances - Comments

Postby Hugh-AR » 06 Jul 2018 01:13

Vocal Performances have a different slant on them compared to an Instrumental Performance. You don't have to play the tune! The tune is being sung! What a difference this makes to what you can play on your keyboard as you now have two hands free to play an accompaniment!

This is why we have introduced this new Board. To put together in one place examples of keyboards being played differently because a 'melody' is not being played. There is tremendous scope to improvise and 'play your own thing'. It was the same when I played piano in the band. The Trumpeter or the Saxophonist would be playing the tune. For an odd verse or two they would let me play the tune, giving them an opportunity to play bits and pieces round it.

Listen carefully in these pieces to what the keyboard player is actually playing, because it won't be the tune. He/she might be playing some chords, or providing a rhythm accompaniment to the song. Also, a 'Vocal' has words, which tell a story, and this adds to the interest of the piece.


We have introduced extra Boards in the Music Room for two reasons:

    1. If you want to find and listen to a particular genre of music, then a dedicated Board will make it easier to find. If I wanted to listen to a vocal, and it was way down somewhere in the Instrumentals Board, how would I find something? Looking at the Subject Lines in Instrumentals how would you even know if any were vocals?

    2. When you want to Post some music, don't forget to look at the Categories, and if yours fits one of them then please post it in that Board. You may have to make a choice, as if eg. you have played an Instrumental called Patricia (a girl's name), do you post it in the Theme Board or the Instrumental Board? Your choice.
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