Challenges - How to take part in a Challenge

Challenges - How to take part in a Challenge

Postby Hugh-AR » 08 Jul 2018 09:22

The idea here is to click on the current Challenge Month and check out the 'Challenge' that has been set for that month.

To Enter a piece of your music (see ** below) ... from the Challenge Month simply click on NEWTOPIC, put the title of the piece of music you're entering in the Subject line and carry on the way you would normally do for posting your music.

It may be of help to other members to include some of the following in your post:

    The instrument you used
    The name of the style (if you used one)
    Anything else that may be of interest to other Members.
** An entry for a Challenge must fit the Challenge criteria, and it must be something you have done. Doesn't have to be played on a keyboard or organ. You may have done something on an iPad, or created the music on a computer using the QWERTY keypad (my son has a friend who does that). Also, it is permissible to post a piece that appears elsewhere on this Forum (like in Instrumentals, or Vocals, or is on the Theme Board). So don't worry about where you may have posted a piece before. Just get on and post it!

And another thing. It is perfectly OK to post a song that is the same as one somebody else has done. None of us 'play the same', and it will be interesting to see how somebody else has tackled the same piece.

Of course if the Challenge inspires you to create something completely new, then all well and good.

At the end of the month you will have the opportunity to vote on which entry you liked best, and the results will be published.

Note: We would like as many Members as possible to take part in the voting as it should be the Members who decide on the winning piece of music, not just those posting an entry.

Also at the end of each month the next Month's 'Challenge' will be put up. If you have any suggestions for a Challenge, please contact Den (dentyr) or myself (Hugh-AR) by Email or Private Message (PM), as only an Administrator can set up a Challenge. You can do this from the Members list (find us from the alphabetical list).

To go directly to the Challenge Board so you can click on the Month's Challenge, click this LINK:

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