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KN 3000

PostPosted: 28 Apr 2019 12:10
by Hugh-AR
80's Disco music on Technics SX-KN3000

Posted by Andro Umeda on YouTube
A little '80 disco music demo played on my Technics KN3000 keyboard. This is an outstanding instrument of year 1995. 61 touch sensitive keys with after-touch, graphic LCD, 300 PCM voices, digital drawbars for organ sounds,100 accompaniments with 4 variations plus sound arranger and dynamic accomp. Extensive sounds and styles editing, 16 track sequencer, FDD drive and internal hard disk. I used it for many video sonorizations.

Re: KN 3000

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2019 15:22
by lobster
Hi Hugh:

Really nice KN 3000, i have it, and still use very often, i did many sequences and composer styles with it. First i had a KN1000, later in 2003 i change it against a used one, that was in Z├╝rich, my home town. Although it has a little problem with the tempo, how you say, bottom-control and the display (LCD) has lost the quality ( no more brilliant); any thing else works. I'm living in Spain, now and don't have any service possible, if it where the case i would let it fixed. You know there is no more sale of Technics instruments sadly; comparing with other Keyboard brands, for me is still unbeatable.
Today i use a Studiologic Compact 2X as master and can control the KN 3000, plus other options, the KN 3000 has a very nice Midi-options, which can control other instruments, or be controlled too.
I think it's enough. :) :lol:

Re: KN 3000

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2019 16:34
by Hugh-AR
Hi lobster,

Thanks for sharing that with us. I have several friends that have Technics keyboards .. either the KN5000 or the KN7000. They say they are a really nice keyboard and so hang on to them!

Do you have any pieces you have recorded as MP3 on your KN3000?