Musikmesse 2015: The Ketron SD-7 Arranger Keyboard

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Musikmesse 2015: The Ketron SD-7 Arranger Keyboard

Postby Mike Bracchi » 16 Apr 2015 12:23


The SD7 is a truly ground- breaking Musical Instrument designed for both professional and home use. The all-new sound engine, audio drums, full multimedia capability, hardware arranger controls/ level sliders, full colour professional touch screen and on board monitor speakers mean you are ready to enjoy making incredible music now!

Ketron have always inspired great musicians with realistic, true to life “Best Natural Sounds” and the most authentic live sounding styles available. Whether you are a performer, entertainer, studio or home user, you are sure to find the new SD7 the most inspiring keyboard to date.

As with all Ketron Instruments the emphasis is on sound quality, purity and authenticity. It is important that when instrument types are mixed they still maintain their identities and with over 540 orchestral voices, 368 genuine Ketron layered sound edits plus 46 high quality RAM sounds provides a comprehensive and true to life sound pallet for almost any musical eventuality. Ketron continue to develop Audio Styles and the SD7 ships with 260 full audio drum/groove styles, plus you can create your own styles using the style modelling section and import/ convert and edit legacy styles from many previous Ketron Instruments. This means you have almost limitless possibilities for style enhancement and addition.

The full colour touch screen is a completely new feature for our keyboard range. This was developed with great care to ensure full compatibility with live performance use. The instrument retains the all important tactile arranger buttons (Start/Stop, Intros/Endings, Variations, Fills etc.) as well as real time hardware level controls for quick adjustment of various volumes.
The 7” backlit screen handles important information, instruments, style and media selection plus many various options in a clear concise manner. Different modes of play are displayed in such a way that you have access to vital features. These are presented using large, clear, well spaced icons that are easy to see and access without the concern of accidentally selecting the option next to it.

To make control of the keyboard even easier many quick access hardware buttons are on the instruments panel which when selected take you directly to the correct screen or feature. We believe the SD7 is the most intuitive and easy to operate Ketron keyboard so far. If you are serious and passionate about making music, the SD7 is for you.

Full details ....

61 key light weighted. 3 Velocity Curves . Aftertouch. Portamento. Joystick: Pitch.Modulation. Transposer: +/- 24. Octave : +/- 2.
128 note. Multitimbral 48 parts
Lcd color Tft 7”. Touch sensitive 800 x 480 dots. Brightness control.
Double Player. Files recognized : Wav, Midi , Mp3, Mp4, Avi, Mov, Flv, Cdg, Jpg, Txt, Pdf.
Player Functions
Marker. Sync/Next. Autoplay. Lead Mute. GM part. Lyric Off. Cross fade. File Search. Play List. My Folder. Transposer. Time stretching. Metronome Click. Midi Multimix. Song Drum Restyle. Audio and Midi synchronize.
Audio Multitrack Player
5+1 Audio tracks with separate slider control
Double Audio and Midi player with Tempo & Pitch stretching, Pfl, Sync, Tap tempo, Cue, Fx Pad, Backspin, Brake.
Juke Box
Play List, My Folders, SFX Special Effects.
Pic& Movie
Jpg & Mp4, Avi, Mov, Flv, Karaoke background, Movie/PDF To RGB, Pic List, Autoshow.
Video Monitor Out, Karaoke Lyric / Mirror.
Disk, Midi , Play Modes, Audio Edit, Language, Footswitch, Preferences, Controls, Video, Reg. Set up, Arabic Mode.
Internal Storage: SSD Card 16G. External Storage: Removable SATA 2/3 2.5 HD. USB: 3 Host + 1 device.
543 GM Sounds. 4 Sound Banks. Voice List. 48 Drum Sets + Stereo Special Kit. Live Drum Modeling.
368 Preset Voices. New Stereo Grand Piano. 368 User Voice. 2nd Voice. V-Tone. Double Up / Down. Harmony. EFX Insert. Voice Editing.
Ram Sounds
46 voices ( instant loading). Hi-quality tonewheel Organ and Orchestral sounds.
260 Styles full Audio Drum and Groove equipped. User Style section. Midi Drum Mixer & Remap. 4 Arranger ABCD. 4 Fill. 4 Break. 3 Intro. 3 Ending.
Drum, Groove, Bass, Chords 1-5. Lower 1-2.Auto Fill. Fill to Arrange. To End. Reintro. Key Start. Key Stop. Restart. Count In. Drum Boost. 4 Voice Set. Voice to ABCD. Voice & Vari. 5 User Tabs. V-Tone.
Arranger Modes
Pianist ( Auto- Standard ). Bassist ( Easy_Expert ). Manual Bass. Bass to Lowest.
Style Modeling
Interactive Modeling Library with massive Audio Drums, Bass, Latin Groove, Piano, Guitar and Orchestral templates.
Play Modes
Master keyboard. Accordion Style. Accordion Classic. Organ with Pedalboard. Guitar mode with Efx ( thru Input).
4 Bank x 1024 Regs. Full Panel and function programming.
Type : Chorus, Reverb, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Rotary, Echo Delay, Tap Delay, Equalizer, Distorsion, Amp simulator, Compressor, Filter. EFX Insert (54 types). 10 programmable Insert Chains.
Live FX Control
Decay, Release, Filter and Resonance slider control applied to Player, Drum, Bass & Chords. Low_Hi Eq to Player.
HD Recording : 1 Stereo track. Loop. Audio Edit with Cut, Normalize. Midi Recording. Phrase and Song.
XLR Input. Gain control. Volume. Reverb. Micro On/Off Edit. Talk.
3 Voice Vocalizer. 10 Voicetron Presets + 10 User.
Instruction Manual
Html on board.
In1 ( Gm ), In 2 ( Keyb ). Out. Thru. Midi Set up : Standard, Computer & Sequencer, Keyboard Right, Accordion, Player , Style.
Left/Right Stereo, Pedal Volume, Sustain Pedal, Micro Out.
Guitar ( Instrument ) / Micro2.
Stereo Headphone. Aux separate Out Assign ( to Drums, Right, Bass, Click).
Footswitch 6 or 13, Volume Pedal, Sustain pedal, Bag.
Power Supply
External 15 V.
2 x 20 watts. 2 x Midrange speakers + 2 x Tweeters. Speaker On /Off.
115 x 39 x 12,5 cm (46 x 15.6 x 5 inches).
15 Kg (33 lbs).
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Re: Musikmesse 2015: The All New Ketron SD-7 Arranger Keyboa

Postby Mike Bracchi » 16 Apr 2015 12:48

Wowzers ... these styles are 'alive' not at all robotic like the Yammies 8)

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Re: Musikmesse 2015: The All New Ketron SD-7 Arranger Keyboa

Postby Mike Bracchi » 18 Apr 2015 11:59

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Re: Musikmesse 2015: The All New Ketron SD-7 Arranger Keyboa

Postby Mike Bracchi » 08 Jun 2015 00:57

A super performance of Shakatak's Invitations by Marco Bacchetta on the new Ketron SD-7

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