Setup for Dance - regs etc

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Setup for Dance - regs etc

Postby dentyr » 17 Sep 2019 22:19

Hello, This is a setup for dance music. It has regs that should be tied to on board styles. Open the zip file and you will see the various categories, Waltz, Fxt Rumba etc. Each bank has the same style but each button has a different setup. Try it and work with it. Have fun.

Any questions then post here.

Regards, Den.
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Re: Setup for Dance - regs etc

Postby JohnT » 18 Sep 2019 12:40

Hi Den. Not getting anything. John
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Re: Setup for Dance - regs etc

Postby mikeg » 18 Sep 2019 18:55

hI Den and John not working for me either Best Regards mikeG.
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Re: Setup for Dance - regs etc

Postby golfer » 20 Sep 2019 09:45

Hi John and Mike when I tried to open the files with BOX it would not work so I tried it in chrome it works fine see you soon Bill.
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