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Keyboard Corner Forum

PostPosted: 01 Jun 2019 02:01
by Max the Icie Owner
This forum started back in the late 90s. A huge number of members, and is chock full of information and very active. I've been a member there since 2016. Great forum; many of the members are gigging professionals, studio musicians, studio owners, etc. If you have a question, they likely have an answer for you. There is a fair amount of humor and in-jokes, so that's important to know. :mrgreen: Also on the Musicplayer Forums network are a guitar forum, a bass forum, and several more specialized ones on other topics.

On a note, the Keyboard Corner doesn't have a lot of arranger players but there are a few here and there. But for everything else, they have a good balance.

For searching on the forum, it works better to use the following steps rather than the built-in search, which is useless: type "*search term*".

Just a good resource that you may find useful.