Using STYLES on the Roland Atelier

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Using STYLES on the Roland Atelier

Postby Hugh-AR » 12 Jul 2019 07:46

In the Yamaha Chit-Chat board the conversation got onto the Roland Atelier organ, so as this is the Roland section I am repeating what was said in here.

I have a Yamaha AR80 organ, and when I am using STYLES I have two 'slider' volume controls, one for the RHYTHM and the other for BASS/CHORD. These are essential to get a 'balance' between the 'Style backing' you are using and the rest of what you are playing. Don't want those drums drowning everything out, or the 'backing parts' to be so quiet that you can't hear them!

On the AR, I also have on screen all the 'backing PARTS' showing; RHYTHM 1, RHYTHM 2, BASS, CHORD 1, CHORD 2, PAD, PHRASE 1 and PHRASE 2. There are buttons under the screen that one can press to have these individual backing PARTS either IN or OUT (the default is IN). This means that as I play something I can vary what I have in my backing and not have them all playing all of the time. I can also create my own 'backing Parts', like an 'arpeggio' or a 'repeating piano' and include that in the backing as well.

Peter Slack (Peter S) had a Roland AT-80SL so when ken horton posted that he was getting a Roland AT9000C, I said this to him:

Peter Slack (Peter S) had a Roland, and got rid of it because ... when using STYLES (which he did all the time ie. he didn't play the organ 'as an organ') he found that although he could alter the volume of the Rhythm and the overall volume of the Style separately (to get a 'balance' between them), he couldn't switch ON/OFF any of the STYLE PARTS (so had to have them all going together), and couldn't alter the volume of any of the individual PARTS, even on screen. So all those very annoying 'parts' that keep coming in every few bars, he couldn't turn them down, or turn them OFF.

Maybe you can switch parts OFF, but he hadn't worked out how to do it?

So as I know you use STYLES for playing, check this one out .. and let me know how to switch 'parts' OFF so I can post something in the Roland section.


We then had this comment from Andrew Gilbert (andyg) who has his own Music School and has access to a variety of organs and keyboards:
It was surprising that the ability to rebalance or mute style parts was not part of the AT90 series from start to finish with the SL. In fact, I think it was only at the end of the 900/800 series, when the Platinum was released, that the function was included.

It obviously wasn't on their list of priorities, which lends weight to the argument that they were aiming the organs at organists, rather than organ players - there's a difference. That said, even organists like me do appreciate the ability to tweak things! If I want auto-accompaniment, which is only occasionally, I can connect up to my Yamaha PSR-S970 and drive its styles from the lower manual.

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