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Roland Atelier Registration USB stick

Postby ken horton » 13 Sep 2019 13:58

Hi all Roland owners, Sorry about the long explanation but it is necessary. I very recently acquired a Roland AT 900 c and thinking to help me get started I bought from Strawberry Music ( Neil Blake ) a U SB stick with 80 registrations on it.
A good start to begin with and a great time saver. However with earlier organs, I have always supplemented my efforts with some sort of expander and for some time have been using a Technics keyboard in which an SD card can be used to add many additional styles.

All was fine until I tried to link the two units together and all the midi channels went haywire. It took a long time and a great deal of help to figure the reason but basically unknown to me Roland changed their midi channels over the years in their various organs and when I had loaded a style from the USB it altered the midi channels in mine to different settings Consequently, the Technics and the Roland could not work together until all were changed back. Using the organ on it's own without changing back was no problem, it played as normal but of course, defeated the use of the USB

I did check with Neil but these were part of a deal when he took over Technote and unfortunately he is not in a position to alter the U S B .

But if anyone has an earlier model AT with the midi settings at Upper Manual 13 , Lower Manual 12, and Bass 14, ( A T 50/70 R & S models ? ) which is how this is set up it's free to the first applicant. There is no built-in index you can print off but it contains 10 music groups , 8 registrations per group. Classic, Jazz Big Band, Latin, Movies & shows, Festival, Theatre organ, Slow country, Piano Boogie, Gospel, Fast Country, Cha Cha & Rumba, March. and you can have my detailed copy

I think it is possible to alter the USB but I am not sure, possibly by loading it into the organ and then resaving all the midi channels on all the registrations in the stick to the midi channels identical to those of the 900 then remove the stick and carry out a factory reset to bring the organ back to the original settings again but I am not taking that risk! Ken
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