What this Category is all about - Please read!

What this Category is all about - Please read!

Postby Hugh-AR » 23 Jun 2019 13:02

When first looking at the Performance Board I realised that there are roughly 2000 songs that have been posted on there. And there must be quite a few in other places too. There are some really good tunes out there played by some very talented Members.

The idea of this Category is to have a place where you can post songs you have already posted elsewhere. Recordings that you would like others to have the opportunity to listen to. Your Favourites? Look for your name (Members' names are in alphabetical order of their USERNAME) and click on that. Next, click on NEWTOPIC and post in the normal way. By all means say why you have put this piece up; or anything special you have done with the recording (like Multitracking); or any credits to others; and the instrument(s) you played for the recording (if known). But there is no need to post anything other than a LINK to the song.

This section is viewable by 'Guests' as well as Members (ie. anybody who finds our Forum). Plenty of people would view and listen to anything you put up, so the number of people viewing your post and listening to your music will run into the hundreds. You can check on how many have viewed your post as there is a column for that.

No comments are expected in this section as 'Guests' can't post comments anyway! The place for 'comments' is in the Instrumentals Board (but you probably won't get many comments in there as people just don't have the time or the inclination to do it!). This new Board is just for songs you think others would like to listen to.

Now I am aware that there are over 100 Members of this Forum, and there aren't over 100 Members in that alphabetical list of Usernames. This is because not every Member records music they want to post .. for one reason or another. If you have some music you wish to post and your name is not on that list, please send Den or myself a Private Message (PM) or an Email asking us to include you. You can do this by finding us in the Memberlist, or by clicking the following Links:

Den: .. http://www.tierce-de-picardie.co.uk/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=561

Hugh: .. http://www.tierce-de-picardie.co.uk/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=466

It is also permissible to post music played by a Member that you have come across and really like. I have put several up, in particular the 'Winners' of the TDP Monthly Challenges .. but also other pieces I was really taken with as well.


PS. If you don't want others to listen to a particular piece of music posted in this section, please send me a PM or an Email and let me know. I can then remove the piece in question.
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