At Under 400 Quid ... You Simply Cannot Do Wrong!

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At Under 400 Quid ... You Simply Cannot Do Wrong!

Postby Mike Bracchi » 06 Oct 2012 07:53

Casio High-Grade Keyboard WK7500
The ultimate CASIO keyboard experience.


Sequencer and mixer functions for total musical creation support
Multi-track Recorder Capabilities

Song Sequencer
The Song Sequencer provides 16 tracks plus one system track that supports recording of up to five songs and a total of approximately 30,000 notes. Each individual musical instrument part can be recorded to a different track for real multi-track recording capabilities. In addition to real-time recording of keyboard and Auto Accompaniment play, the Song Sequencer also supports punch-in and punch-out spot recording of specific parts of a song, and event editing lets you edit recorded data note-by-note. A full selection of editing tools include event insert, event delete, event copy, quantize, a locator feature for selecting the range of notes to be edited, and more. A step recording function also lets you input notes by specifying the length and pitch.
Completed recordings can be converted to SMF (Standard MIDI File) format and stored to an SD memory card.


When even more sound creation attention to detail is required


32-channel Mixer
Nine sliders, one for each channel, can be used for individual simultaneous adjustment of volume, pan, reverb send, and other parameters. Sound input from an external source via the MIC IN terminal and INST IN terminal can also be adjusted as desired.

Create rich, realistic rhythm sections of your very own
Pattern Sequencer

Up to eight tracks (drum, percussion, bass, chord 1 through chord 5) can be edited to create original accompaniment patterns (INTRO, NORMAL, NORMAL FILL-IN, VARIATION, VARIATION FILL-IN). In addition to recording over each individual accompaniment part of an existing rhythm, and event editing function gives you total control over each aspect of recorded data, an Easy Edit function lets you combine accompaniment from multiple built-in rhythms to create original rhythms, and mixer capabilities give you control over the tones, volume levels, reverb, and other parameters of each part.


A full selection of editing tools include event insert, event delete, event copy, quantize, and more. Memory is provided for storage of up to 100 different user rhythms, which can be recalled with the touch of a key.
Great for creating original demo recordings

Audio Recording/Playback
Keyboard play, Auto Accompaniment, Song Sequencer play, and sound input via the INST IN and / or MIC IN terminals can be recorded as digital audio data to an SD memory card inserted in the card slot for later playback. Of course, you can play along on the keyboard during playback from an SD memory card.
Saved audio files can also be transferred to a computer connected via USB for long-term storage. Special Data Manager 6.0 application software, downloadable from the URL shown below, can be used to convert data to WAV format, which can be played back on a computer.

All of this greatly simplifies the task of creating original demo recordings.
* To perform the operations described in this section, you will need to obtain a commercially available SD memory card or SDHC memory card with a capacity between 2GB and 32GB.
Data Manager 6.0 download site: ... =340&rgn=5


Effector and everything else you need to create exactly the sound you want


Versatile effector, an essential sound creation tool
Multiple Digital Effects

Built-in effects include reverb (10 types), chorus (five types), and DSP (100 types using 46 effect types including delay, phaser, flanger, wah, rotary, and more). You can apply different effects to a tone to create exactly the sound you want. By adjusting the parameters of the DSP effect types, you can create original DSP effects and store up to 100 original types in memory for later recall.
* DSP and chorus cannot be used simultaneously.

Digital reproduction of rich sound
Drawbar Organ Function

50 specially selected, often-used pre-set drawbar settings come built-in. A few simple operations produce a digital reproduction of powerful, deep drawbar organ sound that is the dream of every keyboardist. A rotary speaker is simulated using a built-in DSP for the distinctive sound effect of drawbar organ speakers. Like a drawbar organ, nine sliders can be used to change harmonic overtone level settings and to create sounds by adding a harmonic percussion effect in real time as you play. You can edit the parameters of the distinctive percussion effect and click sound of a drawbar organ to create original drawbar organ tones, and save up to 50 of your creations in memory for later recall.


A great tool for live stage performances

A simple operation saves the current set-up, including tone, rhythm, and other settings for instant recall when you need them. * You even can save tones to which effector effects are being applied. Recalling a registration instantly changes the digital keyboard's set-up, making this a great tool for live stage performances.
* 6 sets x 16 banks tor 96 set-ups.
Create distinctly original sounds

Tone Editor
Tone Editor can be used to adjust attack time, release time, cut off, vibrato, reverb, chorus, DSP, and other parameters as desired. You can create distinctively original tones for performances and music creation sessions.
A wide selection of phrases that can be used in songs

With the arpeggiator, you can play various arpeggios and other phrases automatically by simply pressing keys on the keyboard. You can select from 150 different arpeggiato types, including playing arpeggios from a fingered chord, guitar phrases, and more.
The expandability to configure an ideal musical environment

SD Memory Card Slot

Song sequencer, pattern sequencer, tone editor, and other data can be saved to an SD or SDHC memory card. An Audio Record function can be used to record digital audio data. SMF (Standard MIDI File) data stored on an SD or SDHC memory card can be played back on the digital keyboard.

Input/Output Terminals
Different input/output terminals are provided to meet a variety of different needs: line out terminals (L/MONO, R) for connection of the mixer of a stage PA system or other devices, an INST IN terminal and a MIC IN terminal for connection of a musical instrument or microphone, an audio in terminal (AUDIO IN) for audio device input that can be output through the speakers, and more.

USB Port
The USB port provides easy computer and MIDI send/receive connection. It also enables quick and simple transfer of song sequencer, pattern sequencer, tone editor and other data, as well as audio data recorded to an SD memory card from an audio device between the digital keyboard and a computer. Download of a special Data Manager 6.0 application is required in order to transfer data to a computer. *
* Data Manager 6.0 download site:
True musical instrument quality, simple operation

AHL Sound Source

The sound source is pre-programmed with digital samples of acoustic musical instruments recorded using the most advanced digital technology. Thanks to CASIO original sound technology, the AHL sound source is capable of reproducing all of the natural smoothness of the original waveform.

800 Built-in Tones and 100 User Tones
The AHL sound source delivers a line-up of 800 different built-in tones. You also can store up to 100 of your own original tones for instant recall whenever you need them.

250 Preset Rhythms and Auto Accompaniment
A total of 250 preset rhythms cover a wide range of musical genres, from rock and pops, to jazz, Latin, piano pieces, and more. Simply select the built-in rhythm you want and Auto Accompaniment provides you with backup that is the next best thing to having a professional band at your disposal.

Sliders and Large Dial
Nine sliders are provided for drawbar organ settings and mixer operations. A large operation dial really comes in handy during music creation using sequencer functions and mixer functions.

The display shows the currently selected tone name and rhythm name, along with a wealth of other information. On the sequencer screen, for example, you can check the current status and volume level of each of the 16 tracks, and other setting information at a glance.

Piano-Style Keyboard and Touch Response

The keyboard is designed and engineered to provide a realistic piano experience. Just like a grand piano keyboard, Touch Response causes sound that is output to change in accordance with the amount of pressure applied to the keys.

High-output 2-Way Bass Reflex Speakers
A 7W+7W high-output bass reflex 2-way 4-speaker system delivers rich sound from low range to high. The speakers can be used as high-quality monitoring speakers during performances and music creation sessions.

Pitch Bend Wheel and Modulation Button

The pitch bender wheel makes it easy to add realistic sounding guitar choking, sax bending, and other effects to keyboard play. This in combination with the modulation button for applying vibrato and other effects puts a wide range of playing versatility at your fingertips.

Music Presets
Music presets provide one-touch access to Auto Accompaniment, tone, reverb, and other settings that are configured in accordance with representative chord progressions. A total of 305 presets let you easily configure the keyboard for a wide variety of different musical styles. In addition to built-in presets, you can create your own original presets (user presets) and store them in memory for later recall.

    76 piano-type keys
    Touch Response
    2 sensitivity levels, Off
    Sound Source
    AHL (Tri-element)
    Maximum Polyphony
    800 built-in tones including 50 drawbar organ tones (100 user tones)
    Layer, Split
    Digital Effects
    Reverb: 10types
    Chorus: 5 types (simultaneous use with DSP not supported.)
    DSP: 100 preset, 100 user (simultaneous use with Chorus not supported.)
    250 built-in rhythms (100 user rhythms)
    Auto Accompaniment
    Modes: CASIO Chord, Fingered 1, Fingered 2 (6th off), Fingered 3 (on bass), Full Range Chord
    Controllers: Start/Stop, Intro, Normal/Fill-in, Variation/Fill-in, Synchro/Ending
    Built-in Songs
    5 (demo tunes)
    Beats: 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Tempo range: ♩ = 30 to 255)
    Song sequencer: 16 multi tracks + 1 System Track, 5 songs, approximately 30,000 total notes (real-time recording, step recording, song edit, track edit,event edit, punch-in/out)
    Other Functions
    Audio recording/playback: 5 files maximum (Approximately 13 minutes of recording per file)
    Mixer: 32 channels + EXT IN (INST IN, MIC IN), 9-slider operation
    Pattern sequencer: real-time recording, step recording, quantize, Easy Edit, Event Editor, part parameters (100 user rhythms)
    Drawbar organ: 9 drawbars/50 built-in tones/50 user tones
    Tone editor (100 user tones)
    Registrations: 96 setups (6 sets x 16 banks)
    Music preset: 305 preset with chord progression, chord edit (100 user presets)
    One-touch preset: 250 presets
    Auto harmonize: 12 types
    Arpeggiator: 150 types
    Temperaments (scales): Preset scale (Equal temperament + 16 types)/scale fine tune
    Octave shift: ±2 octaves
    Rhythm/song controller
    Pitch bend wheel : 0 to 24 semitones
    Modulation button
    Sliders (9 sliders used for drawbar organ and mixer)
    Key Transpose
    25 steps (-12 to +12 semitones)
    Tuning Control
    A4 = 415.5 - 440.0 - 465.9 Hz
    Standard jack (sustain, soft, sostenuto, start/stop)
    Display Screen
    LCD with backlight
    SD Memory Card Slot
    Supported memory cards: From 2GB up to 32GB SD memory cards or SDHC memory cards
    Functions: SMF playback (up to 320KB per file), file save/load/delete, card format
    Save/load: Registrations, user rhythms, user tones, user drawbar organ tones, user DSPs, user music presets, song sequencer songs, audio recording files
    GM Compatibility: Level1
    Terminals: USB
    12cm x 2 + 3cm x 2, bass-reflex system, speaker on/off
    Amp Output
    Input/Output Terminals
    Mic in
    Inst in
    Audio in
    Line output (L/MONO, R)
    Headphones (standard stereo jack)
    USB: type B
    External power (12V DC)
    * USB cable (A-B type) required to use USB terminal for computer connection.
    Power Requirements
    Batteries: D-sizex6/AC adaptor: AD-A12150LW
    Dimensions (W x D x H)
    1,187 x 399 x 149 mm
    * Excluding music stand, and other projections
    8.9 kg (Excluding batteries)
    Included Accessories
    Music stand, AC adaptor
    EAN code

And the best thing about this little beauty is .... it's only £379.99 Brand New 8)

Mike Bracchi
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Re: Casio High-Grade Keyboard WK7500

Postby Jon D » 16 Nov 2012 10:35

Hi there Mike,
That WK7500 is some keyboard for the price it should do well good for first timers to the market enjoyed the Demo cheers pal. :D :D :D
Jon D. 8) 8) 8)
Hi there I have played from the age of 13 and all my music is played in a sort of dance tempo style. Have worked in nearly all the North East clubs over the years. That gave me a good grounding. Cheers.
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Re: Casio High-Grade Keyboard WK7500

Postby Gully_One » 24 Mar 2015 10:35

I brought one of these myself last Christmas and I have had a lot of use out of it, i would recommend this to anyone one who wants near pro-features and doesn't have a lot of spare cash to spend on an arranger.

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Re: At Under 400 Quid ... You Simply Cannot Do Wrong!

Postby dragon » 24 Mar 2015 12:07

I am looking for a decent keyboard that won't break the bank but sadly this one is too long to fit into the alcove in the lounge. I'm limited to about 102cm. Any further ideas? S/hand is O.K. .. Fred
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Re: At Under 400 Quid ... You Simply Cannot Do Wrong!

Postby Mike Bracchi » 24 Mar 2015 13:47

dragon wrote:I am looking for a decent keyboard that won't break the bank but sadly this one is too long to fit into the alcove in the lounge. I'm limited to about 102cm. Any further ideas? S/hand is O.K. .. Fred

No Problem Fred, Casio do this model in a 61 note version, the Casio CTK7000 ... end to end it's only 95cm :wink:

£269 @ Amazon :shock: :shock: :shock:

Mike Bracchi
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Re: At Under 400 Quid ... You Simply Cannot Do Wrong!

Postby andyg » 24 Mar 2015 15:02

The CTK7000's been discontinued for a few years now, the current 61 key model is the CTK7200. Also on Amazon, but £349.

Very competent keyboard, but I find that with mine - a CTK7000 - I have to tweak a lot of the voices to get them right. Niggly little things like the vibrato speed being way too slow or with over a second delay on delayed vibrato. All adjustable, but a bit of a bind nonethless. Some of the styles are a bit bland but a lot of them are great and Casio do exploit the 8-part aspect, something you only get with the bigger Yamahas. I suspect that with Style Works, I could convert Yamaha styles to Casio format, but I've not tried it.
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Re: At Under 400 Quid ... You Simply Cannot Do Wrong!

Postby dragon » 26 Mar 2015 16:38

Having read all the earlier posts, many reviews and watched several demos on You tube today I placed an order for a Casio CTK 7200 with a local dealer at a price I consider very reasonable. The dealer also confirmed I will be able to use with the keyboard the Yamaha HS 80m speakers I had left over from a previous set up. Should sound awesome. Watch this space. .. Fred
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