Wersi Drawbars, and Drawbar Settings for Other Organs

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Wersi Drawbars, and Drawbar Settings for Other Organs

Postby NativeAngels » 12 Jan 2019 14:26

I know this is for Wersi instruments but am sure it could be used with other instruments.

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Re: Wersi Drawbars, and Drawbar Settings for Other Organs

Postby PeterA » 12 Jan 2019 23:54

Drawbar is the name of the original feature employed on Hammond organs and they patented that. So everyone else who copied the idea names them something else (apart from Wersi?). Yamaha called them Flute/Tibia on their AR organs, and AR organists tend to refer to them as 'light bars' (to select them you slide your finger down some lit bars. The more lights that are on the more of that drawbar footage you have). Various keyboards have them today, either as a push/pull design or a slide up and down facility and the only common thing is the word bars.

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Re: Wersi Drawbars, and Drawbar Settings for Other Organs

Postby Hugh-AR » 13 Jan 2019 00:08

Note: Brian had started a topic on Drawbar Settings called Your Draw Bar Setting ?
(See the below)

Do a right-click to open this up in a New Tab

It's all about the music. Yamaha AR 80 Player.
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Re: Wersi Drawbars, and Drawbar Settings for Other Organs

Postby lesh » 13 Jan 2019 14:03


It mentions the LP Wersi time 2, that takes me back a bit, I have that LP and it does list drawbar settings for all the song Played. I have tried some of the setting on the Tyros but didn’t sound the same as the Helios which I thought had a lovely rich and unique sounding organ, but there again so did the Hammond.
The building kits on the Wersi were usually blank circuit boards and many many electronic components which you soldered on to each board then tested usually with just a multi meter, the Drawbar kit consisted of 70 plus boards.

Anyway The Wersi Time 2 LP I have, I also managed to get it signed by Klaus himself in Germany at the Wersi factory.

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