Playing with 'one finger chords'

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Playing with 'one finger chords'

Postby Hugh-AR » 28 Jun 2020 22:38

The piece below is played by Mr Clitheroe on his PSR-S900 keyboard. Watch carefully as he plays. This is what I said about it:
Nimble fingers! What a great piece of music to listen to! Looks as though you're using 'single fingered chords' in the left hand? And a memory 'hold' .. or do keyboards do that anyway? Good tactics as that leaves your left hand free to control the various things you want to set going on your keyboard. Including 'upping' the volume of the piano when you start playing with that.

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And here's another piece using Single Finger Chords, played on an AR100 organ by Bob Allen, a Member of AR Group.

Phantom of the Opera

Click the below to listen, then press the back-arrow after to get back to this page.
Phantom Of The Opera

So how do you play these Single Finger Chords? On the AR organs (Yamaha) .. and probably the same on Yamaha keyboards too .. the chords are formed by using 'one finger' rather than three. Although I say that with reservations! You sometimes have to use two, or even three fingers to play the appropriate chord .. but you don't have to play the actual notes that form the chord.

Single Finger Chords:

Playing a single note gives you the Major chord, complete with drums, bass pattern and all the other Accompaniment Parts (unless you knock any out, which you do from under the screen).
Using a second finger, play any black note underneath the basic chord note and you will get a Minor chord instead of a Major.
Using a second finger, play any white note underneath the basic chord note and you will get a 7th chord instead of a Major.
Play both a black and a white note and you will get a Minor 7th.
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