A new way of thinking. keyboard sets (Korg)


A new way of thinking. keyboard sets (Korg)

Postby NativeAngels » 21 Oct 2021 00:50

A new way of thinking for Korg Keyboard Sets.

I have been toying with a new way of organising banks of keyboard sets on my Korg Pa700.

Up until now I have been organising keyboard sets in categories by type of sounds, ie Piano, Sax etc etc.

What I have been thinking it with is each page can store a bank of 8 keyboard sets.

Now each page could contain a bank of keyboard sets that would fit a particular style of music. For example a page of keyboard sets to fit a country ballad, or page of sets for ballroom music, or page for Christmas Music.

But the first page would be like base keyboard sets (sounds that could be used with most songs), these pages of keyboard sets could also be used as keyboard sets for styles and / or songbook entries.

Just a bit of brain storming, what do you think ? Interested in getting your feed back on this system.
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Re: A new way of thinking. keyboard sets (Korg)

Postby JohnS » 26 Oct 2021 18:30

I'm interested in what you say.

But, being new to Korg, this may be too soon for me as I've only just got to understand the operating system.

But, as I progress with the Korg Pa1000, keep me involved, if you would, so that I could pick it up as I go along.

Could be interesting.

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