Getting to grips with a new CVP605

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Getting to grips with a new CVP605

Postby Kenneve » 27 Jan 2015 19:42

Hi Guys

I'm a newbie to the forum and thought I would have a go with my first post.
I'm trying to get back into my playing after a break of perhaps 3 or 4 years and in order to give fresh impetus,
to the problem I decided to upgrade the instrument from an old CVP92 to this astounding machine.
It's true to say, at the moment, I'm like a 77 year old kid with a new toy.!

However after a week or so getting to know the machine, I found the default Styles would not allow me to play ACMP LH chords without the rhythm running.
When the rhythm was stopped the whole keyboard reverted to whatever voice was set for the RH.
Following a discussion with Yamaha, I now have the answer, which is:-

Select the 'Style Setting' icon in the Menu.
Change the 'Stop ACMP' setting to Fixed.
This then allows the LH ACMP to continue in the rhythm stopped mode, with auto bass note,
which is something I used quite a lot on the old machine'
particularly when I couldn't keep up with the rhythm!!!

As I said to Mike, "at my age I need all the help I can get"

Any tips that anyone can offer would much appreciated.

Best regards Ken.
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