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Noisy Keyboards

Postby Kenneve » 21 Mar 2015 10:19

One of the reasons why I recently upgraded my piano to the CVP605 was the fact that the keyboard on the old CVP92 had become mechanically noisy. By that I mean there was a significant 'thump' to the key action, particularly on the return stroke, where the weighted hammers strike the 'Stopper' felt pads.
It's true to say this in itself, it didn't really affect me, since I play mostly on headphones, but my wife could plainly hear the 'thump' in the next room!

I reasoned that the 'Stopper' felt pads had probably hardened with age (17 years) and needed replacing. I managed to find a Service manual on E-bay for the CVP92 and from that the part numbers for the top and bottom 'Stopper' felt strips. Yamaha were happy to supply the spares, via their service agents, (part nos. VU342100 & VU342200) although the cost for a couple of bits of felt was, in my view, a bit OTT and it took about 3 weeks to deliver.
However whilst waiting for the delivery, I changed my mind and decided to upgrade.

This now means that I have a box containing the 'Stopper pads' and a CVP92 service manual which I no longer need.
So, If anyone can make use of these items, then please contact me. (not sure of the best way, but I expect our moderators will advise, based in Solihull, West Midlands)
I would guess that these strips are fairly standard to 88 key Yamaha keyboards and presumably could be cut down to suit shorter versions.

Best regards to all.
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