How I’ve Setup My Korg Pa700

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How I’ve Setup My Korg Pa700

Postby NativeAngels » 30 May 2020 19:19

I’ve had my Korg Pa700 since it’s launch and spent quite a few hours loading and installing content.

Here’s an insight of how I’ve set it up to date.

I thought I would provide an update of how my Korg Pa700 is set up.

On my pa700 I use a system of two sets. set1.set which is for factory and user content. All the User banks for styles and keyboard sets have been renamed to replicate the factory categories. I have merged the factory songbook and setlists from the Osimo next content using the songbook manager.
set2.set this is for all direct content (styles, keyboard sets). Again I’ve renamed the banks to the same as the factory content. (Once assigned any changes made to a direct set folder will be saved, ie delete a style from a direct set it will be deleted) A Direct Set Folder is not read only.
I’ve also loaded the missing styles not in the Pa700 from the Pa1000 and Pa4x, these have been loaded into to a combination of factory banks, User banks and direct banks.
The styles from the musikant versions had also been loaded, and Bonusware.
I have empty banks in my Direct Set Folder (Set2.set) which I can load any new content from Bonusware etc so I can audition them.
As far a samples go I’ve got some loaded from the dopamine set, and other sets that I’ve found. Unfortunately as of yet you cannot rename the user sound banks.
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