Korg PA 600 VS Yamaha Tyros 4

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Korg PA 600 VS Yamaha Tyros 4

Postby gerso » 13 Aug 2013 20:02

Hi everybody.

I thought i'd make a short comparison between these two boards. Firstly on price: The PA 600 costs
around £800 and the Tyros 4 around £3.500. Next voices & styles: There aren't as many in the PA 600,
but what there are are generally very good, especially the guitars. There is a big lack of choral and human sounding voices.
Drums: You can change individual parts on the PA 600, but not on Tyros 4, in fact that's always been a weakness of Yamaha.
Perhaps on Tyros 5, who knows? Sequencing: Korg usually have good sequencers which are easy to use. I find them less
intuitive on Tyros. I've had my PA 600 for a few weeks and overall i'm happy with it. I wouldn't part with my Tyros 4 though.
(Well maybe for Tyros 5) At least I have the best of both worlds. On price alone you won't find a better board than PA 600.
Obviously there are some sacrifices, but they haven't, luckily been in the sounds. To sum up: If you want a low price quality
keyboard then the PA 600 will fit the bill nicely. In the higher price bracket then it has to be either Tyros 4 or maybe even
Korg PA 3X.

Happy playing everybody. Gerry. 8) :)
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