Korg PA3 UltimaX v Tyros TRX System

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Korg PA3 UltimaX v Tyros TRX System

Postby Mike Bracchi » 11 Apr 2014 13:57

I got wind of a project by a Midlands retailer of the development of two new keyboard stands designed specifically for the PA series keyboards ... the same retailer, presumably with assistance from Korg UK, is about to launch a 'Korg' version of the TRX system called the Korg PA3 UltimaX 8) :D

This brand new instrument will consist of the PA3x-76 on top ....

Korg SP170s on the bottom ....

and a Roland PK Series pedalboard ....

I'm not sure if it's to included a sound system or not ... but the moment I find out I will report back :wink:

Either way ... it will give the TRX boys something to worry about - that I'm sure of :lol:

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Re: Korg PA3 UltimaX v Tyros TRX System

Postby jackoj » 11 Apr 2014 18:38

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the heads up. love the idea of this combination, as you know I have the main board and have often thought of putting it with the T4 but never have got round to it. like to see this development in action. TB. jackoj. 8) 8) :)
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