Message for 'Guests' who have found this Forum

This will tell you a bit about TDP. You must be at least slightly curious, so why not take a look?

Message for 'Guests' who have found this Forum

Postby Hugh-AR » 27 Nov 2017 10:34

If you are a Guest and have found this Forum, there is very little you can view without joining or logging in.

The ones that you can 'click through' are below. Click on the Board Title (in green) to go there. Preferably do a 'right-click' and open it up in a New Tab. You will then stay on this page without having to press the 'back-button'.

Classical Corner
You can view any of the postings in this section and listen to the music Members have uploaded.

Own Compositions
Members' "Own Compositions" on their organs/keyboards. You can view any of the postings in this section and listen to the music.

New Challenges
In this section, 'Challenges' are set monthly. Members submit a piece according to the challenge set, either a new recording they have done, or one they recorded previously. It is permitted to post something that appears elsewhere in the Forum.
You can view the posts in the Topic Info about the Challenge Board ...
... but to view and listen to the Challenge "entries" you will have to join the Forum and become a Member.

Community Notice Board
Information about various Keyboard/Organ clubs running in different parts of the country. You can view all the Topics in here.

LINKS to other Music Websites, Forums & Groups
You can click through to any of the sites mentioned.

Organs, Keyboard Arrangers and Workstations
You can view all the Boards and postings in this section apart from the Yamaha Boards.

And for a limited period you can visit:
Songs Of Christmas.
I say 'limited' as this Board is removed from view once Christmas is over.

You can see from the various Boards showing what we are about, so if any of these are of interest to you, why not join us? It's FREE to join.
Instructions for doing this are at the top of the Home Page.
Please Note: It is not a requirement of joining that you have to own or even play an organ or keyboard.

To go directly to the info on joining TDP, click this LINK below.
How to join the TDP Forum

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