House of the Rising Sun

House of the Rising Sun

Postby Hugh-AR » 23 Jan 2019 20:03

House of the Rising Sun

A transatlantic No:1 hit for The Animals in 1964, with Eric Burdon's howling vocals and Alan Price's haunting organ riffs.

Here is my take on it.

Of course what really makes this piece is the 'arpeggio backing'. My first task was to create a backing for this song to follow as closely as possible to what I could hear in the original recording. I often find that if I go to YouTube and look for a Guitar Tutorial I get some very useful tips that can be transferred to the organ. And if a guitar, you can often pick up the chords they are playing too.

Listen to this 'Demo' of the notes you can play for the backing of this tune.

So using this as a base, and listening to the original version by The Animals, I came up with a 'Backing PART' for my AR, and have programmed this in. This is just a 'pattern' of notes that is picked up from the chord you are playing.

The MP3 below is how my 'Backing PART' sounds when using just the STYLE and playing chords. Have played a C chord to start with so you can hear the 'pattern'; and then some of the other chords. Click this LINK to listen:

Do a right-click to open this up in a New Tab
House Of The Rising Sun Backing Part (MP3)

This is what you hear in my YouTube video above. To get the 'slowing down' of the tune I just kept the same Registration, but changed the TEMPO gradually as I neared the end.

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