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I know this article is referring to the Ketron USB Emulator, but there is some very useful info on partitioning and formatting of the USB stick. :)

Replace the Floppy Disk on your instrument with a powerful USB Port !!!!!!

Replace the Floppy Disk on your instrument with a powerful USB Port !!!!!!
A new accessory is now available for all instruments equipped with a Floppy Disk Drive! You can easily replace the obsolete drive with a new USB port which enables you to read abd write Midi Files, Karaoke Files, Registrations and Styles directly from a USB Drive.

The device is compatible with all KETRON products having on board the Floppy Disk Drive such as MS50/60/100; X-XD-SD series.


The installation is fast and simple. It is only necessary to remove the old floppy disk drive and to install the new USB device using existing cables and fixings. No further hardware or software modification is required.

The USB Pen Drive can contain a library of 100 'Virtual Floppy Disks', each of them with the capacity of 1,44 Mb, selectable by the switches located on devices front panel.

Formatting and to management of your Virtual Floppy Disk Library (e.g. write, modify and copy) is made possible with software compatible with Windows XP.


How to format a pen drive into 100 partitions.

How to Format a USB Pen Drive into 100 partitions

Thanks to Floppy-USB Pen Drive can each be divided into 100 partitions,
each of which, with a maximum capacity of 1.44 Mb.
In other words, you can store the contents of 100 floppy disks within a single USB Flash Drive.

To format and manage the Pen Drive is necessary to use the software for PC which can be downloaded from:

Once you download the software,
Start it by double-clicking the icon.


Insert the USB Pen Drive into an available USB port on your PC.
Click on: Multi-Block Format


Select the Pen Drive to be formatted.


Set the size of each partition to 1.44 Mb and set the number of partitions to 100 as shown in the following figure.


Start the format operation by clicking on Batch Format

The program will start the formatting process which is displayed in the progress bar and messages that appear in the Windows information box.


When you have finished formatting your USB Flash Drive is ready to accept your files.

How to copy your files into one of the 100 partitions (Virtual Floppy Disks) of a USB Drive.

How to copy your files in one of the 100 partitions of a USB Drive.
Thanks to the management sofware you can add, remove, and modify files contained in each of the 100 partitions located on the USB drive.

To manage files in the manner described in this document requires that the Pen Drive is formatted as instructed.
After starting the program and inserting your USB drive into an available USB port on your PC, click on Multi Block Format.


Select the USB Drive that you want to copy / modify files


Enable the service by checking the floppy multi-function.


Now select from the drop-down menu, select the 'Virtual Floppy Disk (partition) that you want to copy / modify files.


Once selected, you will see a window that shows the contents of the partition in Windows Explorer on your PC you will see a disk corresponding to the partition on the USB Pen Drive selected.

From this point on, you can Copy, Edit, Delete or Rename the files as if it were a local drive on your computer.
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