G. Caccini - "Ave Maria"

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G. Caccini - "Ave Maria"

Postby Hugh-AR » 16 Apr 2019 22:56

G. Caccini - "Ave Maria"

Not very often do we hear Giuilo Caccini's Verson of Ave Maria, it is usually by Bach/Gounod or Schubert. Whether you like classical music, or you don't like classical music, I think you will enjoy the music arrangement in this video.

The person who put this together (Mike N) says:
This is a 5 part score which I have arranged from a "free score" site. The voices are: top left - viola; top right - cello, bass & 3rd violin; bottom left - violin 2; and bottom right - violin 1.

For violin 1 (bottom right) I used my Roland electronic accordion connected via midi to my PSR S900. I used my accordion solely because I can create better dynamic volume increases/decreases with the bellows, far better than using a swell pedal. I had to record each part and then with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, edit the video and the audio so it all fitted together "as one"

One of the comments on this video was:
You've given it a very baroque sound there, it's very clean and all the alternative instruments find their own places rather than any overwhelming any others. It's a very effective piece, a masterclass in how to do this.

Completely smitten!

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