My Lady Spider Came to Call

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My Lady Spider Came to Call

Postby dentyr » 25 Mar 2020 19:06

My Lady Spider Came to Call

I got up Monday morning
To face a brand new day
I went to my computer
I check my mail that way.

I saw a little movement
Above me on the wall
It was my Lady Spider
She had come to call.

I went on to my keyboard
Some songs for her to play
She came up to the ceiling
And settled, just to stay.

I could not put her out just now
It just would not be right
The neighbours would be talking
“That lady stayed last night!”

I went and had a shower
To get all nice and clean
And when I got back to my room
She’s nowhere to be seen.

Now I have lots and lots to do
So she can please herself
Tucked up by my modem
Sitting on the shelf.
I knit dolls and animal toys.
I always try to do things which I can't do in order to learn how to do them.
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