Playing tips tutorial for keyboards.

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Playing tips tutorial for keyboards.

Postby abr250 » 27 Mar 2020 00:07


just seen this on Facebook

Thought I would post the link here

He shows the use of pedals, touch control, and playing with and without styles

Particularly useful how touch is so important


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Re: Playing tips tutorial for keybaods

Postby Hugh-AR » 27 Mar 2020 00:48

Thanks for that Arthur. As a pianist I couldn't do without having a Sustain Pedal when playing piano. With my AR 80 organ I do have an 'expression pedal (ie. it makes the sound louder of softer) which is great for putting 'expression' into pieces. But there isn't room down below with having bass pedals (which you play with your feet) taking up all the space. So you couldn't have a sustain pedal down there anyway.

To solve this issue Yamaha have incorporated a 'drop-down' lever .. which you work with your knee by pushing it to one side. Can't cope with that!

I had a friend who had an AR organ and he managed to get the piano to sound just as it should do. He did play with the knee lever dropped, but didn't use it a lot as most of his 'sustain' was jut him holding the notes down.

Click the below to listen; then afterwards click the 'back button' to get back to this page.
Walk Alone played by Paul Dolman

I have found another YouTube instruction video about the Sustain Pedal on a Genos. What to do if the pedal is working the other way round to what you'd expect.

Is your sustain pedal working the wrong way? | Yamaha Genos Tip

It's not just the Genos you can do this with. On the Tyros and PSR keyboards you can change the polarity of the footswitches too.

It's all about the music. Organ: Yamaha AR 80
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