A suggestion for Inclusion in 2024

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A suggestion for Inclusion in 2024

Postby barwonfan » 23 Jan 2024 02:59

How about inviting members to post a Tear Jerker/ A Weepie in one of the monthly Challenges this year. In the movies they seem to always use lots of violins. Maybe they use minor keys also.
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Re: A suggestion for Inclusion in 2024

Postby Ron » 30 Jan 2024 13:13

Doubt if this is a good idea. I usually find that listening to some musical posts these days, I am reduced to tears.

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Re: A suggestion for Inclusion in 2024

Postby dentyr » 02 Mar 2024 07:12

Hello Ron, That opens up the gate for a great variety of "noise". :D :? :roll:
I took it up just for the fun of it. Now it is the March challenge.
Regards, Den.
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