Video info about the Forum

This will tell you a bit about TDP. You must be at least slightly curious, so why not take a look?
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Video info about the Forum

Postby dentyr » 06 Jun 2023 11:47

This is a video introducing the Tierce-de-Picardie (TDP) forum. It is free to join, you do not have to post anything .. that is your choice. However, when you join you can upload your music and post comments (nice ones of course) on any of the topics. Uploading your music can be done from Boxnet or, our preference,

In the TDP Forum there is a host of information that you may not have realised is in you keyboard.

Click this LINK below to visit the Forum.
Do a right-click to open this up in a New Tab.
The Tierce-de-Picardie Forum

Do you know what a "Tierce de Picardie" is?
Click this LINK below to find out.
Do a right-click to open this up in a New Tab.

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