A site that analyses songs for their Beat and Tempo.

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A site that analyses songs for their Beat and Tempo.

Postby barwonfan » 27 Feb 2023 10:10


Millions of songs listed. from years ago to present day. It's free. You can find out suitable keys for songs. Time Signatures for songs. Beats per minute. The search function works well. Heaps of advertisements, but they can be quickly disposed of by hitting the cross in the right hand corner. I think that I will be using this site from time to time.
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Re: A site that analyses songs for their Beat and Tempo.

Postby Hugh-AR » 27 Feb 2023 13:55


I have had a look at this site. Not impressed by the search box. It came up with hundreds of suggestions, none of which were the song I had typed in. Even when I typed in one of the songs they listed, that didn't come up in the top slot.

If you do find a song you are looking for, it's great for finding out the BPM (Beats Per Minute) for that song. Although bearing in mind that various artistes who sing it will have different 'beats per minute' to suit their style of singing, I'm not sure how useful that is. And you can find out what key it is played in. But no 'sheet music' to enable you to play it (not even 'paid for').

You do get to hear an extract of a song ... but then if you want to hear the whole song, up comes an advert for Spotify (which you will have to pay for if you want to choose which song you want to listen to).


Watch out for the adverts! You may think you are downloading a song .. but i's the advert.

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Re: A site that analyses songs for their Beat and Tempo.

Postby dentyr » 27 Feb 2023 21:43

Useful for coming up with something new to play. Looked for a Tango and got lots. Regards, Den.
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