Stopping then Starting the STYLE


Stopping then Starting the STYLE

Postby Hugh-AR » 05 Apr 2022 09:48

I have discovered, purely by chance, how to STOP a STYLE and then RESTART it. Press the SYNC START button .. and everything stops. And the SYNC START button is flashing, waiting for you to play a chord .. and when you do, the style is off playing again.

Listen to the DEMO below. This is the ending of Handel's Largo. First, the ending with no 'break' in the STYLE. Then having a break by pressing the SYNC START button as explained above. You can hear the point at which everything STOPS .. just for a couple of notes .. then when a chord is played the backing comes back in again.

So you can see where those breaks are as well as hear them, I have loaded the relevant parts into Audacity.


Now click the below to listen to the difference between no break and having a break.
After listening, click the back-arrow at the top to get back to this page.

DEMO of using the SYNC START to STOP and then START the STYLE

I did the same when I STOPPED the STYLE in Cherry Pink as I wanted the Trumpet to slide down an octave on it's own, without any Style backing playing. Pressed the SYNC START, which STOPPED the STYLE .. and the SYNC START was 'flashing'. Then when my Trumpet had done its bit of sliding about I played a chord .. and the whole lot was off again.

Click the below to hear all this; then after listening click the back arrow top left to get back to this page.
DEMO of pressing the SYNC START to STOP the STYLE

So I had the SYNC START flashing at the start, waiting for me to play a chord to get the backing going; then pressed the SYNC START again to STOP the Style playing .. and the SYNC START is automatically flashing waiting for me to play a chord and get the Style going again. This is how you can play a few bars of a melody and only hear the solo instrument playing.
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Re: Stopping then Starting the STYLE

Postby AndyT » 24 May 2022 16:23

Hi Hugh,

A brilliant tip - thank you so much! That makes life so much easier.

- Andy
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