Yamaha MFC10 midi controller pedal board

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Yamaha MFC10 midi controller pedal board

Postby Ron » 10 May 2022 08:56

I have not used this complicated piece of kit for a few years now. However, I decided to hook it up and use it again. The dedicated volume pedal has been reassigned for “ Expression “, and I have 2 other Emu pedals plugged in for Sustain and Reverb. Basically the buttons can be assigned to most of the keyboard functions which means that your fingers can now concentrate on playing without the need to push any keyboard buttons during a performance. Thanks to a video on YouTube explaining how to set it up plus the built in template on the T3, I can use the pedal board again. I have also got my Airturn Page Turner up and running again so no more fiddling to get the next page of music to appear on my iPad. I bought all this gear shortly after buying my T3 in 2011 but has been unused since I gave up playing several years ago.

Hopefully my latest recordings will have fewer fumbles and maybe even sound a bit better. I will just have to find an extra foot somewhere :lol:


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